Name recognition is more than people being familiar with your company’s name. It’s about customers and potential buyers associating your name with the product or products in which you sell. Perhaps you’re in a goods and services type industry where you provide a specific task for customers. Maybe you are a roofing company that installs new roofs or gutters.


You want people to at least consider your brand of business when they begin the process of choosing a vendor for the service in which they are looking for. If I’m searching for a product or service I first start by asking myself whom do I know that provides this type of service? If you’re company’s name doesn’t immediately pop into my head by shear brand recognition. You are less likely to be chosen or hired to perform the job.

Maybe you have a catch phrase that people recognize on the local or national television or radio spot. Or maybe it’s your billboards across town that are attractive to consumers. Catchy musical commercials and tunes can also help people associate your company with a specific problem or need they are having. You want them to call you when they need that problem fixed or when they need to purchase that product in order to find a solution.


I know car dealers in hometown that have some very catchy commercials. When I think of certain makes or models of cars I sometimes sing those tunes in my head or out loud. Much to the dismay of others.


A good logo can help consumers with brand recognition and help them to associate your logo with their specific problem or need. Maybe you’re a handyman company providing general contracting services to people who need things built, worked on or repaired. The use of a hammer or wrench within your logo could provide some insight to potential customers that you are working with tools.


You also don’t want to be too cliché. It seems that every handyman service now has that imbedded into their logos. Roofing companies all have the standard roof outline on all of their logos and website. So you want to be unique and recognizable all at the same time.


Speaking of website, you want to be certain that you’re establishing some online territory and real estate for you company. You’ll also more than likely want to invest in some search engine optimization for your business. I’m told they bury dead bodies on page two of Google because no one ever goes there.


Yes it’s going to take a little time, creativity, and critical thinking on your part in order to establish your brand. Marketing agencies such as ours can help you brand your business. We have also partnered with one of the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies around.