The Key To Internet Marketing For Online Businesses

The secret to advertising for on the Internet for companies is actually simple: advertising. Branding has actually been marketing jargon for as long as businesses have been around


Branding has induced an outbreak of innovating company logos, which include swanky letterheads, objective statements, and mission claims.  Theme songs and catchy jingles are also all part of the branding and marketing world..

All of these aspects of a branding or marketing campaign can give your business the leverage it needs to position itself above the competition.  If customers are to recognize and utilize your online business, they need a pathway to your website or company directory.  Identifying your labeling and branding is the first thing you should do when establishing yourself on the web.


When a potential customer or client lands on your webpage, they need to know exactly what it is your company does.  All of this can be hashed out in the inner content of the website.  Pages, tabs, and general info found on the main page of your website should immediately allow the visitor to know where they’ve landed and what your services entail.


Many companies have branded themselves in such a way that people and other businesses really have no idea what the heck they do!


This is a common mistake made by some of the largest and most recognized brands and logos on the planet.  People know the logo, they recognize the jingle and they know all the funny commercials, yet when asked, they simply don’t know what some of these famous companies even do.

Then again, if these kind of companies have such great brand recognition, maybe the general public doesn’t really NEED to know exactly what they do.  Maybe they already have plenty of business from major businesses that know exactly what they do.  But on second thought, wouldn’t they benefit from getting extra clients and customers by potential investors and clients who aren’t already familiar with them?


Maybe it doesn’t matter for multi-million dollar firm, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t the way you want to start your online venture.  Branding is so critical in today’s world.


A prospect or potential customer should recognize all aspects of your business model.  They should have pathways to explore your company and have access to your blogs, newsletters and should also be able to subscribe to any email lists.  This will allow them to receive future updates and reminders on products and services that you offer to clients.


Flashy website graphics, embedded videos and the use of flash imagery are strongly discouraged when building a website.  These types of features actually slow down the website for mobile and tablet users and discourage search engines from finding your pages when users search from mobile devices.


Although these types of websites have been popular in the past, newer sleeker versions are more preferred as more and more users are searching from mobile devise.  They need an interface that is not only clean, but something that is super easy to navigate on a touch screen.




The main things to consider when building a website and an online branding strategy is to be sure you know who your intended audience is.  You want your branding to somehow display how your firm or company can be of benefit to the end user and or consumer.  What can you do for them!


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