Why Inconvenience Building A Brand?

At a conference in Dallas recently, a visuals designer from Kentucky and I took a seat at a table where people were trading business cards. I checked out his logo, and he examined the name on my card.

“I recognize that logo design. We’ve been in touch before,” I said.

“That’s right. I recognize your name,” he said.

Although we weren’t able to pinpoint when or why we would have traded mail recently, we presumed it had actually been at least 5 years back. Neither person had a very good memory of the interactions so we moved on in the conversation. Come to find out, he had actually produced an unique visual identification for his design solutions, and also I used his input to piece together his marketing strategy when I was working for a digital design firm in Lexington.

For the last 5 years he and I had both worked on several other projects?  Mine was helping business owners design and develop online marketing strategies.  His was building his multi-million dollar endeavor which had become vastly successful from the time we first worked together some 5 years ago.  Why is that? Memorability. It highlights a key element of successful branding.

Exactly what is Branding?

Branding is the process of developing distinctive, psychological imprints on the brains of consumers. A brand is a relentless, one-of-a-kind business identification linked with an organization’s personality, quality, product, niche and more.

Although most people link brand names with huge business, the smallest of enterprises could utilize branding methods with wonderful benefits. When a home-based artisan connects a perfectly developed tag on all her products she is telling the story of where her productions originate from, she’s branding her works. When the regional super market packages grocery stores in bags bearing its logo as opposed to the common “Thank you!” or ordinary bags, it’s branding.  Most business at least try and do it in some form or fashion.

While we associate brand names with national names like Crest, Huggies or Kleenex, branding does not necessarily require the monetary sources of Nabisco or another large conglomerate. Branding doesn’t even require an item or a concrete shipment system. Even when comedians like Jeff Foxworthy use the term “You might be a redneck”, that is also a form of branding.

Strategies of branding include organization of a business with logo designs, distinctive color schemes, slogans, musical sounds or songs, mascots, product packaging, an unforgettable name and a lot more.

Why Branding Works

Time, cash and also effort invested in branding returns many times over when the procedure plays out intelligently. Below’s why:

1. Memorability. It’s much easier to keep in mind the top quality firm compared to one that you can’t easily and quickly recall their name.

2. Loyalty. When individuals have a favorable encounter with a memorable brand name, they’re more probable to get that product or service once more compared to competing brand names.

3. Familiarity. Psychiatrists have proven that name recognition and familiarity make consumers more likely to become repeat customers.

4. Premium photo. A strategically planned photo or logo can make consumers more likely to pay more for the well-branded service or product.

5. Expansions. With a well-established brand, you could spread out the respect you have actually earned to an associated new item, service or area much more easily.

6. Greater firm equity. Making your firm into a brand name normally suggests that you can get more money for the business when you make a decision to sell it.

7. Reduced advertising and marketing costs. Although you need to invest cash to produce a brand name, once it’s created you obtain a bigger bang for each advertising and marketing dollar utilizing it.

8. For consumers, less threat. People tend to choose the brand-name distributor over knock off.  Simply put, people trust the brand names more.  They are seem more credible in the eyes of the consumer.

For those factors and more, branding fattens your bottom line.

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